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3/11/2020  |   8:30 AM - 12:00 PM   |  Self-Care 101: Creating Sustainable Support for Parents and Providers   |  Empire B

Self-Care 101: Creating Sustainable Support for Parents and Providers

As in all helping professions, burnout and employee turn-over occur at a high rate in the EHDI field. The emotional toll can be much larger than we expect, especially when workforce is low, and stress and responsibility are high. We spend immense energy helping others and often forget to take care of ourselves to the same degree. However, we are more likely to be effective in our roles and have adequate job satisfaction when we are taking care of ourselves. It even helps us be more emotionally available to our children! This experiential workshop will provide multiple opportunities for participants to practice and explore what helps you stay grounded, centered, and productive. Personal preferences and obstacles will be identified. Trauma-informed care and infant mental health considerations will be applied as a framework for understanding the importance of self-regulation skills. Mindfulness, art, nature, and exercise will be explored as options for in-the-moment self-care activities and long-term resilience. We will also explore "community care" and the transformation of workplace culture towards employee well-being. The workshop will use somatic awareness as a means of using the wisdom of our bodies to inform us of our needs. Join us (a therapist/early interventionist, an audiologist/EHDI coordinator, and a therapist/parent) in an effort to combat burnout, and sustain your energy for the transition from the EHDI conference back to your family and work life.

  • Participants will be able to identify their in-the-moment unmet needs.
  • Participants will understand interventions that support their nervous system regulation.
  • Participants will explore how self-care can scale out to community care and workplace transformation.

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Elizabeth Seeliger (), Department of Health Services, elizabeth.seeliger@wi.gov;
Elizabeth Seeliger, AuD, is the Wisconsin Sound Beginnings Program Director and has worked as a clinical audiologist in a variety of settings, helping guide children and families through the process of hearing loss diagnosis and intervention. Elizabeth has been a leader in developing a data, tracking and referral system; educational resources for hospitals and providers; and an interactive notebook for parents. Elizabeth spearheaded the initiative to enable Wisconsin homebirth midwives to provide UNHS. Elizabeth has also provided technical assistance and consultation locally and internationally on quality improvement in EHDI systems. Elizabeth served on the board of directors for the WI Chapter of Families for Hands & Voices and Hands & Voices HQ. She is a graduate of UW-Madison’s Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Advanced Clinical Practice Certificate Program.


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Jessica Dallman (), Natural Wisdom Counseling LLC, jessicadallmancounseling@gmail.com;
Jessica Dallman is a tri-lingual (English, ASL, Spanish) multicultural counselor based out of Wisconsin. She is passionate about weaving together her trainings as a wilderness/equine therapist (Naropa University), special education teacher (Teach for America), early interventionist (Gallaudet University), and infant mental health specialist (UW-Madison) to serve her clients and the community. She has an interdisciplinary, relational, and social justice framework that she brings to all of her work. Jess also launched the Wisconsin Hawthorn Project, a free trauma-informed care resource for agencies that serve children and families.


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Leigh Hardin (), Diversion, hardinleigh@gmail.com;
Leigh Hardin is the mother of an 11-year-old son with a severe bilateral hearing loss and an 8-year-old daughter with typical hearing. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing psychotherapy with adolescents and families. Leigh specializes in trauma recovery and experiential healing modalities. Her work is constantly informed by her personal experiences, including the ongoing processes involved with raising a DHH child. Leigh enjoys adventuring with her husband and children, including skiing, dancing to live music, and camping. Leigh also finds tremendous personal value in practicing yoga and connecting with friends.


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