March 3-5, 2019 • Chicago, IL


3/06/2019  |   8:00 AM - 3:00 PM   |  The Basics of Understanding Cued Speech   |  Florence

The Basics of Understanding Cued Speech

This Interactive Workshop will provide an overview of Cued Speech by presenting what Cued Speech is, how and why it was developed, including a discussion of current research about Cued Speech and literacy and language learning. Participants will understand the elements of language, how Cued Speech works with cochlear implants, and the role of the family in language development. A segment will also include an overview of the adult deaf cueing community and how they function in society. The presenters will discuss how hearing children learn language and then reading as compared to the path for deaf children. In particular, communication in the home will be stressed as the foundation for literacy. In a 30 minute segment of the workshop – “A Taste of Cued Speech,” participants will learn how words are put together with cues and how to read the Cued Speech chart. The presentation will include video segments, anecdotes, and opportunities for interactive discussions. We will discuss some common myths about cueing, as well as how it can be integrated into Listening and spoken language and /or ASL programs. The session will end with resources on how to learn Cued Speech, as well as handouts.

  • Discuss the role of the family in language development.
  • idenitfy research relating to the benefits of Cued Speech
  • understand how cueing can support the acquisition of listening and spoken language and/or ASL

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Sarina Roffe (), National Cued Speech Association, sroffe@cuedspeech.org;
Sarina Roffé is the parent of a native cuer, past president and current Executive Director of the NCSA. An award-winning journalist, she is the subject and author of many articles on deaf education, parenting and the importance of English language in the development of literacy skills. She has presented before national audiences. Her presentation style is interactive, combining a professional presentation with personal anecdotes.


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