March 3-5, 2019 • Chicago, IL


3/03/2019  |   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM   |  Creating Cohesive Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership in EHDI Systems and Beyond   |  London

Creating Cohesive Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership in EHDI Systems and Beyond

Description: This interactive workshop will explore the types of supports that families receive from D/HH adults in the EHDI system and how to utilize D/HH adults beyond the system. Participants will examine what it means to provide support to parents without assumed bias, while not compromising personal beliefs. Topics explored will be: • “Art of Sharing Your Story” • “What Meaningful Representation Involves” • “Respecting a Family’s Journey” • “How to Support Diverse Families” • “Informed Decision-Making” The presenters will facilitate a panel of adults who are D/HH who already serve in systems who can provide advice and lessons learned in effectively making change in EHDI systems. The presenters will also share a tip sheet of how EHDI systems can create an environment to support D/HH adult infusion. Methodology of delivering D/HH mentors, guides, role models will be based on the Family Leadership in Language and Learning (FL3) Needs Assessment and Guidelines for D/HH Mentor/Guide/Role Model Programs. How to support diverse and under-served families in every state/territory will be examined.

  • Participants will be able to identify three examples of current practices and services supporting the integration of adults who are deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) in EHDI Systems
  • Participants will be able to name three characteristics of an effective D/HH leader, including providing input supporting the diversity of perspectives while not compromising personal beliefs
  • Participants will be able to list strategies (potential changes) that will enable families to access and learn from D/HH professionals in the EHDI system

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Karen Putz (), Hands & Voices, karen@karenputz.com;
Karen Putz is a deaf mom of three deaf and hard of hearing kids. She worked in early intervention as a Deaf Mentor for 13 years and is the Co-Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infusion for Hands & Voices. Karen is the author of several books, including


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Stephanie Olson (), Hands & Voices, Children's Hospital Colorado, stephanie@handsandvoices.org;
Stephanie Olson is the Family Consultant for the Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing at Children’s Hospital, Colorado. Stephanie serves as a liaison between families and health care. She has worked with families and children 0-3 through the Colorado Home Intervention Program since 1995 and currently serves on the Colorado Hands & Voices board and is on staff for H&V Headquarters. In 2008, Stephanie worked with children in residential deaf schools in Northern China. During 2009, she served on a team who visited London, South Africa, Brazil and New Zealand, presenting on best practices in Auditory Neuropathy. Stephanie spoke at the First International Congress in Austria on Family Centered Early Intervention in 2012, 2014 and 2016. In October 2015 and April 2016, she participated in U.S. and Russian cultural exchange in St. Petersburg to increase the impact of D/HH individuals in the parenting journey and professionals who work with them.


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