March 8-10, 2020 • Kansas City, MO


 Parental Perspectives on Using Hearing Assistive Technology in Non-Academic Settings

Listening in background noise is one of the constant challenges children with hearing loss face. There is well-documented evidence that improving the signal-to-noise ratio in classroom environments through the use of hearing assistive technology (HAT) helps improve academic performance for these children (Crandell, 1993; Flynn, Flynn, & Gregory, 2005). Outside of the classroom, children with hearing loss face varying levels of noise that can make it difficult for both the child and their parents to navigate activities of daily living. HAT reduces the signal-to-noise ratio and allows the child with hearing loss to receive direct input from the microphone on the HAT to their hearing aids or cochlear implants. Through the Marion Downs Center, personal HAT was loaned to families to use over the course of three months during the Marion’s Way Preschool program. Aided testing in noise was completed with and without HAT for each child in order to determine the signal-to-noise ratio benefit. Parent questionnaires on HAT were also completed prior to and after the preschool program. Additionally, 3-month follow-up interviews were conducted with families who purchased HAT for at-home use. The purpose of this study is to review parent questionnaires to determine the benefit of using HAT in everyday life as well as the signal-to-noise ratio benefit for each child.

  • To understand the uses of HAT outside of traditional classroom settings
  • To share personal experiences of families using HAT in their everyday life
  • To increase awareness about HAT as an additional option for families with deaf or hard of hearing children

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Presenter: Sandra Gabbard

Sandra Gabbard is an Associate Professor of Audiology at the University of Colorado where she is the Coordinator of the Pediatric Audiology LEND MCHB training grant, which supports AuD students and post-doctoral audiologists to expand their expertise in pediatric audiology. In addition, Sandra is the CEO/President and audiologist at the Marion Downs Center, a non-profit community clinic which provides services in audiology, speech therapy, and more.


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