Poster Sessions


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P The Impact of Full Time Use in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users Erika Gagnon
Lisa Park
Hannah Eskridge
P Improving Newborn Hearing Screening Through Collaboration and Communication Jennifer Shinn
P Nationally Representative and State-Level Prevalence Estimates of Parent-Reported Speech or Language Disorder Diagnosis and Co-Morbidities among Children aged 0–17 years, 2016–18 Sana Charania
Suhana Ema
Rebecca Bitsko
Melissa Danielson
Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa
P Part C eligibility criteria for children who are D/deaf and hard of hearing Torri Ann Woodruff
Kathleen Cienkowski
P The Language Environment during the Covid-19 Pandemic for Children with Hearing Loss Claire Monroy
P The Role of Early Intervention in Parental Self-Efficacy for Families of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children Carrie Davenport
Derek Houston
Kristina Bowdrie
Rachael Frush Holt
P The effects of online parent training in the teach-model-coach-review instructional approach on parents’ use of language expansion during routine-based activities for children with cochlear implants in Thailand Rumpasri Sukonthaman
P Increased Paternal Linguistic Input to Children with Hearing Aids during the COVID-19 Pandemic Molly Cooke
Yuanyuan Wang
Carrie Davenport
Derek Houston
P Navigating Medical and Educational Systems: A MedEd Resource Guide to Support the Journey of those who are D/HH Christine Croyle
Susan Wiley
P Helping Pediatric Patient’s Learn About Their Ears: A child’s guide to hearing loss and hearing aids Kalie Buchman
P Minnesota EHDI Follow-up, Best Practices, and Response during COVID-19 Pandemic Annikka Strong
Jenna Laine
P Family Resilience in Families with Young Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Sarah Allen
Mary Compton
Johnnie Sexton
P Read Up: Early Fluency and Literacy Development for Children Learning Listening and Spoken Language Elaine Smolen
Maria Hartman
P Cochlear Implant Behavioral Outcomes for Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: A Mini-Systematic Review Katherine Myers
Nannette Nicholson
P Effects of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) on the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention 3 Month Diagnostic Benchmark Tracy Wilkinson
Sierra Nye
Amanda Griffin
Kosuke Kawai
Derek Stiles
P Nebraska Newborn Hearing Hospital Champion Program MeLissa Butler
P The Role of Mentoring and Supervision in Family-Centered Early Intervention (FCEI) Programs: Preparing for Fidelity of Intervention Arlene Stredler-Brown
Brittany Dorn
Sandy Bowen
P Supports and Resources for Implementing Pediatric Tele-Audiology Jeff Hoffman
Jessica Messersmith
Julie Purdy
Stephanie Johnson
P Comparative acoustic attenuation of common face masks Eleanor Warren
P Late-Onset Hearing Loss and Antiviral Therapy for Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection ALEXANDRA MEDORO
Ursula Findlen
Holly Gerth
Prashant Malhotra
Oliver Adunka
Masako Shimamura
Cory Hanlon
Traci Pifer
Pablo Sanchez
P Final Hearing Outcomes after Diagnosis of Transient Conductive Hearing Loss Kirsten Coverstone
Melanie Wege
Regina Marino
Mai Pa Vang
P Use of Web-based Reports by Primary Care Providers to Improve EHDI Follow-up Ellen Amore
William Arias
Mike Berry
Sara Franklin
Richard Lupino
Liza Then
Betty Vohr
P Utilization of Genetics Services in the Diagnosis of Hearing Loss in Newborns in the State of Ohio Cara Barnett
Elizabeth Jordan
Prashant Malhotra
Allyson Van Horn
P Stuck at beginner level: Hearing parents' challenges in learning ASL word order Deborah Chen Pichler
Diane Lillo-Martin
Elaine Gale
P Tele-Therapy Early Intervention Emily Noss
Ashley Irick
Autumn Sanderson
Jestina Bunch
P Early Intervention Protocols: Towards a New Bimodal Bilingual Approach for Deaf Children M. Diane Clark
Katrina Cue
Natalie Delgado
Ashley Greene
Ju-Lee A. Wolsey
P Successful Strategies for Reviving the EHDI-PALS Directory of Pediatric Audiology Facility Listings Randi Winston-Gerson
Emilee Mertens
P Stop CMVArizona – Collaborating to Improve Children’s Health in Arizona Melissa Selbst
Lylis Olsen
Kathleen Muldoon
P Measuring the Spoken Language Development of Deaf Children using the SLC M. Diane Clark
Ashley Greene
P Library of visual reinforcers designed for children with developmental disabilities Emily Kay
Amanda Hemann
Deborah Mood
Kristin Sommerfeldt
Angela Bonino
P Evaluation of Pediatric Audiologists’ Clinical Counseling Time, and Impact of Hearing Loss Simulation Software on Young Children’s Hearing Aid Use Emily Thompson
Kendall Carroll
Anne Marie Tharpe
P Establishing Relationships in Inherited Cases Lauren Smith
P Identifying which infants in NYS are not diagnosed after failing hearing screening Lauren Miller
Rubab Zahra-Hassan
P Chasing the Why: Understanding the Deaf Child’s Home Language Environment Oscar Ocuto
P Audiology During Trying Times: The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Children with Hearing Loss in a Disproportionately Affected Community Melanie Rosenthal
Millicent Quevedo
Sherry Queen
Chaya Ungar
P Resources for Audiologists and Stakeholders when Working with Pediatric Patients Courtney Kasin
Samantha Will
Gabriel Bargen
Mary Whitaker
Philip Nordeck
Casey Jorgensen
Courtney Jorgensen
P South Dakota Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program: Using Teleaudiology to Conduct Infant Diagnostic Assessments Hannah Williams
P Listen Up: Noise Induced Hearing Loss in the Pediatric Population Emilie Vos
Nannette Nicholson
P Hearing Loss in Children with Respiratory Distress Syndrome Sophie Norgaard
P Piecing the Puzzle Together: Supporting Learners who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with ADHD Taylor Fortner
P Prematurity and the Occurrence of Central Auditory Processing Disorder Sarah Bernacki
Marisa Fassnacht
P Mixed-Methods Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 on Families with Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing Laura Bellnier
Julie Jacobs
Callihan Moraska
Christina Studts
P Impacts of JCIH 2019 and COVID-19 on Well Baby Hearing Screening in North Carolina Chloe Gratzek
Alexandra McCormick
Madison Rock
Jenna Van Bosch
Hannah Siburt
Marcia Fort
Jackson Roush
P Identification of Hearing Loss Post Newborn Hearing Screening in Children with Known or Suspected Neurodevelopmental Involvement Savanah DiPasquantonio
Dorothy Shiffler
Amy Gaskin
Holly Duncan
P The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Communication Development of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Elizabeth Walker
Sarah Vreibel
P Café con Lenguaje: An Online Resource for Families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants and Toddlers in Puerto Rico Amanda Medina Padilla
Natalie Delgado
Carmen Arroyo Torre
P Opportunity for Stakeholder Co-Design of a Novel, Affordable OAE Device to Scale Early Hearing Loss Identification Junwon Lee
Sarah Deng
Thomas Weir
Miranda Lao
Kerry McConnaughay
Mika Notermann
Meaghen Sausville
Saloni Sharma
Yesenia Torres
Adelaida Urrea
Emma Westerhoff
David Brown
Kevin H. Franck
Siddhartan Govindasamy
Howard Weinstein
Elizabeth Johansen
P How Screen Time Affects Children’s Language and Communication Development: Lena Analysis Morganne Blechle
Kateri Vaughn
P Making Connections with a Virtual Parent Discussion Group Teena Young
Cassandra Fogelstrom
Lauri Nelson
P Qualities and characteristics of a successful mentor program for teens with hearing loss Emory Bratton
Sandra Gabbard
P Social Story: Wearing My Hearing Aids Kalie Buchman
P Hearing Peers' Impact on Language Development of Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing Abigail Wells
P Using Infograms to Support Medical Homes and Parents of Infants and Young Children Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing Nicole Jacobson
Dana Mork
P Do They Come Back? Shannon Nichols
Nicole Nichols
Brianna Ralston
Kristy Knight
Heather Durham