MARCH 2-5, 2021

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Mariana Barquet

Mariana began her journey with INH&V in 2012 when her son was diagnosed as hard of hearing and she was assigned a Guide By Your SideTM Parent Guide. In 2015, Mariana became a Parent Guide. In 2017, she joined the Board for IN H&V where she serves as Treasurer. She became the Program Coordinator for the Guide By Your SideTM program in 2019, and in that same year she initiated the ASTra Program in Indiana, on a volunteer basis for almost a year prior to receiving funding. She coordinates and facilitates annual ASTra training for parents and advocates. Mariana sits on various Boards and Committees, including the Hands & Voices HQ Latino Advisory Council (6 years), the Advisory Board for Indiana's Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education (CDHHE), and Indiana EHDI. She facilitated a DHH Clinic at Riley Hospital, and participated in the execution of an Oberkotter Grant called Families First. She collaborates with other local special needs communities such as Indiana Family Voices, Heart to Heart, and ASK. With all of this experience, it is no surprise that Mariana is called upon to share her knowledge with others. She has delivered presentations to the EHDI Conference, the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference, and written an article for The Communicator, the National Hands & Voices publication. Mariana has been instrumental in shaping policies and guidelines for Indiana EHDI. She reacted quickly to the COVID-19 Pandemic by directing family to family support programs to continue virtually, and had her Parent Guides reach out to any families they had served for the past two years immediately. She also uploaded educational-related COVID response help/guidelines to the INH&V website. She strives to encourage and educate those around her. In addition to ASTra training,she also plans and facilitates the annual Indiana EHDI Family Conference, and functions as the IN H&V Social Media manager. Mariana's passion for reaching Hispanic families is second to none. Her understanding of Hispanic culture makes families more comfortable in our programs. Under Mariana's leadership, the rate of enrollment of Hispanic families into Indiana EI programs has grown 5 times greater than the rate of growth of the number of Hispanic families in the state.* She is always open and willing to share information about the Hispanic community with others in the state and has been called upon by other departments in the Indiana Department of Health to provide family-friendly interpretations during events and for printed materials. In conclusion, we feel that Mariana's unrivaled passion, tireless advocacy, capacity to share knowledge, and determination to serve ALL families of deaf or hard of hearing children make her an excellent candidate for the Family Leadership in EHDI Programs Award.